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  • Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽

    (Feb 28, 2020 - 21:51 PM)

    Update: Feb. 2018 reread, just because I needed a literary pick-me-up. This solidified Frederica as one of my top 3 Georgette Heyer books. The main characters are intelligent, a little older (24 and 37), and their dialogue as they tease each other is hilariously witty. Frederica doesn't try to play Alverstoke; she just wants to be friendly, and he finds her so unusual among his acquaintances that he can't help being intrigued. And then well, read it for yourself. :)The Marquis of Alverstoke is [...]

  • *Warning! Beware of spoilers, hyperventilation, and reader who got way too intense*"'She may not be a beauty, like Charis, but she's - she's''Worth a dozen of Charis!' supplied his lordship."Oh. My. Goodness!! Where do I even start?! First of all, I just feel it incumbent to say that, screw having one favourite Georgette Heyer book, because that is simply impossible. Every time I finish one of her novels, I think that I will never read another one that was just as amazingd I get proved wrong eve [...]

  • Quiz about Frederica.For me, this book is one of Heyer's best historical romances. Frederica is a lovely story — fun, heartwarming, and plausible. It's set primarily in London, about 1817, during an era of mechanical advancement: pedestrian curricles, hot air balloons, hydraulic pumps, steam engines (all woven into the story).A jaded nobleman is beguiled by two thoroughly likable boys and their witty, warmhearted, and devoted sister. Frederica may not be a diamond of the first water, but she n [...]

  • Whoever told me I'd love Frederica? *waits an ominous pause*WAS RIGHT. It was so my kind of book - competent heroines who don't need the heroes AT ALL, but the heroes JUST WANT TO HELP.OH GOD. When Alverstoke is all, "Oh my god, I don't love her, but I want to do everything I can to make her life easier. I JUST DON'T WANT HER TO WORRY ABOUT ANYTHING EVER, BUT I DON'T LOVE HER, OKAY?"I love it so much. I was explaining it all to my family and they were all, "ah." And didn't understand how awesome [...]

  • Georgette Heyer's Frederica is an entertaining and charming read. So I give away my secret: sometimes I just need a silly and tender romance to forget about the hard realities of life. It could have been a thrilling science fiction as well. But now back to the classics

  • Another highly enjoyable offering from Heyer. This is not an original story line for her- I believe in Venetia, the love interest also takes on unruly/ lovable siblings of an older sister left in charge. The real stars of this book were Luff, the unmanageable dog, and Felix, the youngest brother. The one off putting element of the romance was Vernon calling Frederica 'my child'. But maybe that's just a modern sensibility would be off putting to me, at least!

  • Alverstoke never saw it coming - BAM, drop the Cupid's arrowSetting / Time / Genre: Regency, London, mostly, with a few forays here and there-ishLength: 450 pagesSeries: Not that I can tell.Sexy times: Clean as a plate after my dog cleared the dishes for dinnerPlan on reading more by the author:OMG YES! Synopsis, quick like: Frederica, raising her young siblings, comes to London w/the intent of giving her beautiful but semi dull sister, Charis, a season. She appeals to distant relation, Alversto [...]

  • This is one of my favorite Georgette Heyer books. I read it easily once a year. I'm afraid I'm going to gush all over this review, but I'll do my best to keep this coherent.The winning feature of this book is the Merriville family, particularly as they enmesh themselves into the carefully ordered life of Lord Alverstoke. In stark contrast to his sisters, who value him mainly for his vast wealth, he finds himself captivated by these "mere connections" as they seem actually interested in him. Inde [...]

  • Carol Clouds ꧁꧂

    (Feb 28, 2020 - 21:51 PM)

    4.5*Well here's one for the books! (For the books, I kill me!)This beloved GH classic, previously a 5* for me, is the first GH where I'm revising my rating downwards since joining GR.I'll get my reasons out of the way before I go on to the book's (many) positives.(view spoiler)[* I get that Alverstoke disliked his sister, Louisa & wasn't crazy about the parasitic Lucretia. But his method of punishing them was to be cruel to their daughters. Yes Jane is unlikeable but she is only a child & [...]

  • Charming and delightful regency romance.Heyer's plucky heroines make for enjoyable reading. Frederica is the penultimate eldest sister who has inherited the mantle of family matriarch after her parents' deaths. Juggling four siblings' needs is time consuming for as a soon as one is settled, another needs sorting out. While I liked this one, I didn't enjoy it as much as Cotillon. This one was rife with responsibilities which I don't have issue with, but the conversations between Alverstoke and Fr [...]

  • 4 1/2 I love Frederica. It's a lot of fun to be inside her head, she's always trying to give her family the best she can, but she doesn't always get it right. Her Cousin Alverstoke is baffled by her, she's nothing like the scheming females he is used to. Their conversations are hilarious. But this time, I have to say that it is not the Hero and Heroine that make this book so fun, it's Felix, Frederica's youngest brother. He gets into scrap after scrap, rather like Just William. What with his kee [...]

  • One of the better realized Heyers. A mature romance, Frederica follows the trials and tribulations of the slightly older (mid twenties, oh no, over the hill!) long suffering title character as she tries to give her beautiful (and silly, of course) sister a London season and keep the rest of her siblings under control- with the help of her "cousin", the Marquis of Alverstoke. Let the hijinx appropriate to a tale full of young, enterprising boys, an emotional, silly sister, and a Marquis quite una [...]

  • This is one of my top three Heyer titles, and the audio narration by Clifford Norgate is just spot on. His vocalization of the marquess is a bit stuffier than I would like, and occasionally he veers off into Winston Churchill territory, but he does a very nice job with all of the female voices and especially with the two cute young boys who, for my money, make this a standout book. As all too often happens with Heyer, the ending is cut too short, and I would have enjoyed seeing more of Frederica [...]

  • After Faro's Daughter and April Lady, I realized that my (personal) issue with Heyer's characters is that I want them to be more passionate. Well, I certainly got that here and not in the way I expected. The whole Merriville family is lively, each member with a distinct voice. The dog too.All Frederica Merriville wants is to marry her beautiful, albeit not very smart, younger sister. She wants her to be happy and she knows she deserves it. They come to London with their aunt (not very important [...]

  • I'm going to use my two favorite words to describe this novel: Charming and Delightful. This is the third Georgette Heyer book I've read this summer, and I'm so glad I still have more than 30 of her Regency romances left to enjoy. Her books are a tonic, and I plan on saving them and bringing them out when I'm in high dudgeon.Frederica is a smart, no-nonsense heroine who has been saddled with the raising of her younger siblings since their parents passed away. At 24, she considers herself too old [...]

  • Okay, how, HOW have I not read this until now? Not only that, as soon as I started to read it, about fifty people told me it was their favorite! Where have they been all this time?Anyway. Yes. This just went into my top 5 Heyer novels, along with The Grand Sophy, Venetia, The Convenient Marriage, and These Old Shades. The thing with her novels is that you know from the first pages who will end up together, but the joy is in the characters, especially the supporting characters, and the various hi [...]

  • This is one of my favourite Heyers: it's both funny and completely inverts the usual taming the rake tropes. We spend a large amount of time in Alverstoke's point of view, watching him being besotted and having him fret over the question of whether his feelings are returned.And, really, we need more cultural eras that are willing to show men as so entirely vain about their appearance. Not just the dandies, but people like Alverstoke, who seem to treat tying their cravat with High Church reverenc [...]

  • I loved the book and hero and heroine. I read it just after reading Northanger Abbey and the contrast between ditzy, romance-addled Catherine Moreland and Frederica could not have been sharper. Frederica has shouldered extraordinary burdens ever since childhood--and has done it with good humor, equability and love. At four-and-twenty she is a delightful, funny, mature and completely admirable young woman--no wonder Alverstoke falls head over heels!The boys she has raised virtually single-handed [...]

  • Read in 2017Sometimes you encounter a fictional character and the experience changes you. Perhaps in this character you find someone you want to be, or you discover someone you already are, or maybe you simply return to them so often they become indistinguishably part of you. Frederica, and to a lesser extent Alverstoke, represent that to me. I read my review from 7 years ago with some bemusement. Could I have guessed at that point how indispensable the works of Georgette Heyer would become in m [...]

  • This was just a fun story with Heyer's trademarks shatter throughout. Because it's been awhile since I read Heyer it took me a few chapters to get back into her style of writing. This of course cleared up once I got into the story. Frederica came across as a strong and devoted sister to her young siblings that drag her along with the Marquis of Alverstoke into many scarps that end up funny or a little to close for comfort. Alverstoke is aristocratic bored jaded man, and his change it adorable as [...]

  • Oi. Heyer, I love her, but I swear sometimes explaining her books is like, “the dinner was fantastic, wonderful melon gazpacho to start, just a shame about the dead slug I found in my salad course.” The slug in this metaphor being, you know, sexism.Like this one – really fun set up with the sister in charge of her colorful siblings and the selfish nobleman who becomes entangled in their mishaps and how she and they are the making of him into a better man. And it’s one of those good ones [...]

  • I'm doing a lifetime reading challenge, and I chose this book for my 1965 book because it was also on a number of "best ever romance novels" lists. My Lord, I just finished and I feel like I'm in a little bit of shock. This book is so impressive, and so far above any romances I've read for a long time, that I'm rather floored. This is my first Georgette Heyer book, though I've seen them around. One of the reasons I've never read one is because the covers are old-fashioned and fusty. And though I [...]

  • Lord Alverstoke dislikes being bored immensely, and as he is titled, rich, and handsome, it is very easy for him to avoid those things that bore him most, including family, favors, and caring. Frederica Merriville shows up and smashes that whole lifeplan all to hell by introducing him to her younger siblings with ridiculous names (Jessamy [16], Felix [12], and Charis [19]), their dog (Lufra), and their multitude of scrapes. While attempting to keep them out of trouble, he finds himself in troubl [...]

  • Lord Alverstoke is bored. Bored with mother's parading their daughters in front of him, hoping he'll bite and bored with the constant demands of his sisters to assist with his neice's coming out ball. Being a wealthy bachelor is not only a blessing, it can be a curse.Enter Frederica. Frederica and her siblings travel to London with the hopes of applying to Lord Alverstoke, their father's cousin, for help to introduce her sister to the ton. Charis, is a natural beauty and Frederica is sure she co [...]

  • Melissa McShane

    (Feb 28, 2020 - 21:51 PM)

    6/25/17: We listened to this audiobook on a trip to Portland, which means most of it we heard as we were whizzing around the city trying to get un-lost. It was far more entertaining than the other Heyer audiobook I've been listening to, The Unknown Ajax, which is probably due to the reader. I love how straightforward Frederica is, and how her romance with Alverstoke unwinds so perfectly. I even like Charis, much as she'd drive me nuts if she were my sister. Highly entertaining whether in print o [...]

  • Dear Reader,This is a wonderful,witty and very compelling story centred around the Merriville family- Frederica,Jessamy,Charis,Harry,adorable Felix and their distant cousin,Lord Alverstoke. Frederica,believing herself to be beyond marriageable age,is determined that her sister marry favourably. Enlisting the help of Vernon Alverstoke,she sets in motion a chain of events that have unforeseen consequences for more than one person in their close family circle. Humorous and very cleverly written,thi [...]

  • Loved it!!! No need for anything else, there are some great reviews on this book already.

  • "A man need not be dull merely because he is respectable!""No, he need not be, but he often is"I am afraid Heyer was biased  in writting Frederica. In that she seemed to try to cram as many loveable characters as possible in this one novel!The cast here, to me, were extraordinary: Frederica, His Lordship, Jessamy and Felix. Oh Felix you adorable little genius thing youLOLEven minor characters like Mr. Trevor or even Mrs. Jersey who was on screen no more than 5 times. they too were intriguing. I [...]

  • I haven't read this in years - I've just listened to the audio version, narrated by Clifford Norgate. I'd more or less forgotten the plot, but it's one of those books where the inclusion of younger siblings works really well and makes for some funny and delightful moments. The romance between Frederica and Alverstoke moves slowly, with him becoming aware of his feelings for her quite some time before (it seems) she has any idea, or about hers for him. They form a strong friendship to start with, [...]

  • 4.5 starsI absolutely loved this book. Everything was almost perfect. Plot, character development and humour was on point. My only quibble is that the romance was understated, but then I'm told that's Heyer's usual style. I only wish there was a bit more romance or even an epilogue at the end just to balance out the story and see h/h as a couple/family. I would reread this book just for the narrative, sharp humour and witty banter.

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