ابق قوياًّ : ٣٦٥ يوما في السنة

  • Title: ابق قوياًّ : ٣٦٥ يوما في السنة
  • Author: Demi Lovato
  • ISBN: 6281072079857
  • Page: 482
  • Format: Hardcover
  • 365 .

    • Best Read [Demi Lovato] ☆ ابق قوياًّ : ٣٦٥ يوما في السنة || [Fiction Book] PDF ↠
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      Published :2020-03-25T03:22:43+00:00

    Demi Lovato

    Demetria Devonne Demi Lovato born August 20, 1992 is an American actress and singer songwriter She is best known for her role as Mitchie Torres in the Disney Channel Original Movie Camp Rock and Sonny Monroe in Sonny With A Chance Besides acting, she is also a solo music artist and released her debut album Don t Forget on September 23, 2008 The album debuted at 2 on the Billboard 200 selling over 89,000 copies in the first week Lovato released her second album, Here We Go Again, on July 21, 2009 The album debuted at 1 on the Billboard 200 selling over 108,000 copies in the first week.

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    • There are not a lot of reviews for this book yet and most of them are from fans, so I'm probably going to be the odd one out, but I did not like this book. I know absolutely nothing about Demi Lovato, I've only seen her in one episode of Glee. The only reason I chose to read this was that it was featured one of my favorite book-buying sites and I could use something inspirational. Well, this didn't inspire me at all. I'm not saying that there aren't any good messages in this book, but it's 365 p [...]

    • حسام عادل

      (Jun 03, 2020 - 03:22 AM)

      !بعض الكتابات تجعلك تظن أن تأليف الكتب أسهل مهمة على وجه الأرض

    • 1 HAIL-TO-THE-NO starsThis wasn't inspiring. This wasn't helpful. This wasn't meaningful. This was, at last, infuriating.I have nothing against Demi Lovato. In fact, from time to time I listen to her music. I know about her story, and it's good to know she's getting over it. But some things in this book pissed me off way too much.For starters, Coelho, Miley Cyrus, Eminem and Lil Wayne as source from inspirational quotes for this type of book Is this even serious? Mixed with Jane Austen, amongst [...]

    • What I loved about this book, That you start the day with a quote and something to look for in future as a huge Demi fan I really loved this book, It helped me a lot in anything and everything I do.

    • Christina Ferreira

      (Jun 03, 2020 - 03:22 AM)

      Demi has been my inspiration for a very long time, I love her to bits and when she came out with this book, I knew it'd be my happiness. Now some people are disappointed as it's quotes and not like her biography but it's amazing, so inspirational and knowing those quotes saved her life, and her sharing it with us just makes us feel closer with her. She has opened up so much to us and she's been such an inspiration, every morning I read the quote of the day and the goal Demi sets us, and it just [...]

    • الكتاب هو مزيج بين التنمية و السيرة الذاتية، و هو عبارة عن مذكرات كُتبت بشكل مستمر لـمدة سنة أي 365 يوم، تحتوي مذكرات ديمي على اقتباسات من كتب، كلمات خاصة، نصائح، اقتراحات، تأملات، أهداف يومية و خواطر. الكاتبة تشارك القُرّاء مشاعرها و مشاكلها الشخصية، أملاً منها في مساعدتهم و [...]

    • اعثر على نورك الداخلي واجعله ينير العالم من حولك قد تكون فكرة أن تبقى قويا على مدار 365 يوما شبه مستحيلة وحتى من سابع المستحيلاتإلا أن محاولة البقاء لنصف هذه المدة ممكن التحقيق وأن لم تستطع فقد يكفي شهر أو حتىيوم وإن فشلت في ذلك فمجرد المحاولة تكفي لتستحق وسام القوة بجدارة وفي [...]

    • Thank you for your words.Stay strong.

    • Leído para el 2015 Reading Challenge: #5. Un libro con un número en el título.Eh visto que mucha gente no le interesa mucho sobre libros de autoayuda, lo leí porque ya tenía ganas de leerlo y yo no soy mucho de leer autoayuda pero hay veces que me gustan leerlos.Demetria Lovato, cuenta acerca sobre su vida y que cuando era niña la acosaban, tal vez ustedes nunca lo han sufrido, se lo que se siente y sientes que toda la mierda se viene hacía tí, piensas que allí acaba tu vida, pero despu [...]

    • Demi said, "There are always going to be highs and lows, heartbreaks and victories, and everything in between. So sometimes the smallest words can make all the difference; they can comfort and they can inspire." I'm proud of Demi for confronting the obstacles that have been placed in her path. It truly speaks to her character that she shared some of the words that helped her through some of her darkest hours. It truly is a motivation and inspiration. I gladly bought this book the day it came out [...]

    • Live life to the full, one day at a time.Every day read a page of Demi’s book and you will gain clarity, strength and internal enrichment.”Be grateful for your journey because It is yours alone” Demi Lovato has had her fair share of trials, ups and downs within her life; from fighting addiction, eating disorders, depression and many other heart breaking losses. Amongst her dazzling achievements alongside an impressive singing career, she has chronicled her journey in song lyrics and media. [...]

    • اعتبره كتابي يشبه ماذا تقرأ هذا الصباح لتبدأ يومك ، واعتبره ايضا هدية خفيفة ليومك ، فيه حصيلة جيدة من الاقتباسات القيمة والتي لها معنى ومحفزة وايجابية نحتاج من فترة لاخرى مثل هذه الكتب التي يكتبها أناس تشبه حياتهم الكثيرين واعتبرهم عاديين لكنهم مميزين يكفي ان ك عندما تقرا ع [...]

    • I've been there for Demi for as long as I can remembere's been a very big impact on my life. She is such a huge inspiration to me, and it's not hard for me to say that I honestly just love, love, love her. When i bought this book today, I was just like, "OH! A page a day of Demi!" I smiled, and I bought the book. Now, i just can't wait until the day turns January 1 so i can start, because hey- i feel like starting in advance is cheating. Anywho, love this and I can't wait.

    • Really cliche, (I know I should not have had high standards for a popstar that wrote a self help type book). I really like demi lovato and respect what she has been through so I expected it to be better than it was. Though I love Miley and Eminem, quoting them in a self help bookummmm not so much. Did not work for me. Or resonate with me all.

    • Well, I don't want to hurt anybody's feeling but I expected way more than what I really got from this book. I think this is a good example how a famous people can make money from almost nothing. I like Demi, there are some similarities in our lives, both suffered from different things so I expected more deeper thoughts. But actually this is just a book with some nice quotes in it. Demi repeats one idea, one thought several times. I think there's no originality in this book. Anyone could write so [...]

    • Demi Lovato is a really big inspiration of mine. Her rise to stardom, her fade, and her rise again was always something that I think makes Lovato a hero. I've always looked up to her and strive to be more like her so when she released a book about her struggles, I was insanely excited. But a book full of quotes was not what I was looking for.I was hoping for something more on her actual struggle and journey with her addictions, more in an autobiographical sense, but this book is literally made u [...]

    • While I am only in the middle of the book; I think it's amazing. There are quotes from a range of people, and demi gives her own interpretation of each, as well as, a goal for each day. Going through my own traumas I think these positive affirmations serve as a daily reminder of staying strong even when you feel the worst. It's definitely worth the buy, and gives people in recovery strength when they need it.

    • الكتاب خفيف وفيو اقتباسات حلوة بشكل عام عالاغلب رح يرجع يرافقني بال2018 💛

    • This book is meant to be read one page a day, I of course being a "Lovatic" went ahead and read the entire book and it was great! Demi starts the book with an aspiration followed by a personal experience and why she loves the quote and how it helped her. Then she leaves a "Goal." Something for the reader to accomplish that day. She has overcome a lot and it was nice to read about what she's gone through and what it took for her to get to where she is today. This may be a bias review but I do hig [...]

    • Where can you find this book? I really want to read it!!

    • I was planning on reading a page each day for the rest of the year but I just couldn't stand it and I had to finish it so I won't bother myself to open and read another stupid phrase.I really think there should be some rules in publishing books. One of them must be not to publish diaries of uneducated 6 year olds. Another one is not to publish something similar to a diary of a 6 year old (this book will be included in this rule). Self-help books should be written by people who are experienced an [...]

    • So far,I love this book.It just gives me a reason to wake up every morning and it helps me get through the day.Demi is amazing as usual,she is really trying to help people with their struggles,and I just think that's amazing.I'm really enjoying every single page,and I'm so looking forward for the rest of the book.

    • من امتع الكتب التي قرئتها لهذه السنة كتاب رائع يجمع بين سيرة ذاتية و تحفيز ذاتي كتاب تناولت فيها كاتبة لمدة سنة كاملة لتجعل في كل يوم قصاصة تحتوي على مقولة و معها الهدف من هذه المقولة مع تجربة شخصية لها لايضاح المقولةكتاب ممتع ويحمل الكثير من النصح و ارشاد انصح بها اي شخص

    • لا بأسالشيء الوحيد الجميل حقا هو فكرة مطالعة صفحة واحدة من الكتاب على مدى عام كاملكان صديق جيد للصباحاتوإن لم يكن قد قدّم لي شيئاً مدهشاً

    • I absolutely love Demi Lovato. I can't wait to read this book !!! I'm sure it will be so very inspiring.

    • إسراء فكري

      (Jun 03, 2020 - 03:22 AM)

      للكلمات القدرة على التدمير والشفاء، وعندما تكون الكلمات صادقة وطيبة تكون قادرة على تغيير العالم.-حكمة هنديةهي رحلة ونصائح حياتية، وسينتهي بك الأمر بأن تُقدرها. بالطبع لا يمكننا أن نكون إيجابيين ومتفائلين طوال العام - هذا أمر طبيعي. أحيانًا يتوهج الضوء داخلنا وأحيانًا يكون خ [...]

    • #أسعد حياة ممكن أن تعيشها، هي أن تعيش مشغولاً في عزلتك#على كل لاعب في هذه الحياة أن يتقبّل قسمته من الورق ، لأنها بمجرد أن تصبح هذه الورق بين يديك، عليك أن تقرر كيف تلعب بشكل صحيح لتربح اللعبة#لقد اخترت أن أكون سعيداً في حياتي، فقط لأنّ ذلك جيد من أجل صحتي وليس من أجل أي شيء آخر# [...]

    • Alexsandragarcía

      (Jun 03, 2020 - 03:22 AM)

      Pure light!

    • ✏️▪️▪️اسم الكتاب: #ابق_قوياً_365_يوماً_في_السنةالمؤلف: #ديمي_لوفاتونوع الكتاب: تطوير ذاتمكان الشراء: من @bookforest_bhعدد الصفحات: 403الدار: مكتبة جرير✏️( آخر كتاب في 2017)▪️هذا الكتاب لا يُقرأ دفعة واحدة .، وإنما يُقرأ بشكل يومي .، حيث أنه يتميز بأنه مرقم بأيام السنة كاملة من 1 يناير [...]

    • مؤلفة الكتاب مرت بظروف عصيبة 😥 مات والدها و وقعت فريسة للإدمان (هذا ما عرفته من خلال قرائتي للصفحات الأولى ) و لكنها استطاعت التعافي و سجلت مذكرتها خلال مشوراها من التعافي( نستطيع أن نقول محنتها العصيبة) في كتاببالنسبة إلىّ أرى في حياة كل إنسان تجربة لم أعشها لكنها تحتوى على [...]

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